Wednesday, June 24, 2015

No longer under the Law!

  What a silly statement; especially so coming from a leader - any leader. Everyone works for someone, or something: we are all, accountable. Anytime, anyone makes the statement, "we are no longer under the Law"it makes the "OH" swell up.
  The above statement should be met with an immediate response of "What Law" are we speaking of ? Blind-leaders haven't given What Law much thought because they didn't accept the Righteous Law - from a HOLY-GOD in the first place.
The pronouncement of No longer under the Law, is in deed a pronouncement: an admission that they have stopped following the LORD: they are now following the Prince of the world[chaos].
  The above statement would have more street credibility if the leader dove head-first off a steeple, or high balcony, just to drive home the lie. Our LORD put Laws into motion millions of years ago: the first that comes to mind is GRAVITY! The pronouncement is ambiguous; which is by design.
  "Except the LORD builds the house, they labor in vein that build it." A house - no matter if it is an individual, marriage/family, community, or a nation; if it is not built with - for - by the LORD, don't get involved and don't expect it to last. Progressives[Is.32:5-7] walk in negative-judgment; "Don't follow them."
  The bait 'n switch of the past 2015 years has been "Rejection of our LORD and His Law; in exchange for El-Satan and the Cabal = the tradition of men! The Law of Death, from the Garden, was satisfied, on the CROSS. We are no longer under the Law of Death. Thank You Immanuel-Christ-Jesus.


  1. Building Religion is a waste of time: it matters not if it is in the form of Climate-change, Social-justice, One-world-ism, or Idols - the labors are working in vain.

  2. "No longer under the Law" - it is obvious: look at the increase in violence, abortion, and disrespect for authority.
    Everywhere that man has put his trust/faith in man, is a curse that is doomed to fail.

  3. In 2015 just about everything is built upon a lie: deception and diversions are all about.
    Repent, and get inside the Kingdom of Heaven, here on earth - right now. Immanuel-Christ-Jesus is the only Answer.