Monday, June 8, 2015

"Teach Them"

  This title is a statement of our LORD to Moses[Ex.24:12]. It was, is and always will be in order. The human-brain is a sponge that will soak up information. It must be fed Righteous information to live as an example, and be a blessing to our Grandchildren.
  The information for Followers should be; Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding = all which come from our LORD. People must be taught; and our LORD covered this with His Teachers that begin with teaching people to Reverence the LORD[Prov.1:7].
  "Come up to ME, and I will give thee tables of stone, and a Law, and Commandments, which I have written, that thou may Teach-Them." The Teachers were the Levi-Priesthood, and the Elders. The majority of the people could not read in those days: which is equivalent to today. People a famished for the Word because they are not being taught, and refuse to read the Truth.
  Prov.29:18 No vision - the people perish. Why =  Vision restrains.
Hosea 4:6 Gives additional details of Why people are destroyed: they lack Knowledge!
Some credit goes to the individual; and much goes to The Rulers of Darkness, Principalities, and Spiritual-wickedness in high places.
  El-Satan continues  His "desire to have you, that He may sift you as wheat." There are many schemes to separate us from our Creator", but our faith must not fail. It is mush easier to pass examination if we study only the relevant material. There shouldn't be any surprises, especially so for those that have been Taught.


  1. The Prince of Darkness teaches Death; that is all He knows. This Spiritual-Death is a separation from our Creator.
    Religion [return to bondage] is Satan's #1 tool in His tool-box. Everything about Religion is a lie, and leads to Idolatry.

  2. Children are Not a "gift " and should be taught the ways of our LORD. To allow them to go uncorrected leads to "destruction."
    A Righteous-man leaves an inheritance to his Children's Children. This is Spiritual, as well as physical. Explain to them Who they are, and Whose they are.

  3. "Teach them" of our LORD is righteous.
    The Law of our LORD is not being taught - even in Man's-house[aka church].
    A tree is known by the fruit that it bares: there is no middle ground here.

  4. The Four-little-kings = in order: Education, Economics, Politics, Religion.
    People arte going to be taught - something.
    The-Thief knows that the wicked process begins with Education, or correctly stated - Miss-Education.