Monday, June 1, 2015

The _2_ Gates!

  The House of Jacob; the Twelve-Tribes of Israel were scattered abroad, just as promised by our LORD. It appears that churches that were built on sand, are going through a similar situation. The side-shows that fascinate, tickle, and seduce, are running dry. Now is the time to teach, and stand - on the WORD.
  People arte born into this earth-age, with choices: the main one is choosing which Father to love/serve. This must be voluntary: force or deception doesn't count.
Immanuel-Christ-Jesus[I-C-J] [Mat.7] spoke of the Strait-Gate. We are commanded to "enter ye in at the Strait-Gate." I-C-J is the Way, the Truth, and Life. He is the Gate that leads to the Kingdom on earth, as well as Eternally.
  A Gate is = a portal, entrance, gate-way, opening: often relating to sheep.
In the Fifth-Book of Moses[Deut.30:15] the LORD states "I have set before you Life and Good, and Death and Evil." These are choices, or Gates. Death is separation from our Creator. Death is also another name for Satan.
  Fake-followers of Hypocrites are not allowed to read Part-1 of the Word; are missing out on Life, by not reading, especially Deut.30:15-21. Mat.7:13-28 The Strait-Gate = Life: The wide Gate = destruction! This destruction is utter-destruction, perishing, ruin. Those that have "Rejected our LORD" are the prophets that are actually wolves - in sheep clothing. Always, always, check the fruit; Evil-fruit = Evil-tree.
  2Pet.2 identifies the leaders, m. o., and the end results. False-prophets, and False-teachers that "privily" [treachery, fraud, deceit] shall bring in damnable-doctrines[Religions], that misguide to the Wide-Gate. Hyphenated [-] Christians, should beware!


  1. The implication that the Govt. is king, or savior = Wide-gate.
    We are no longer under the Law = Wide-gate.
    The Word evolves = Wide-gate.
    Idol-worship is ok = Wide-gate.
    Ignore "Bad Fruit" = Wide-gate.

  2. Those that have progressed pass Part-1 of the Bible, never get around to teaching from Part-2 of it either!
    Education is the key - to the One-World-System of the Beast: it's workers; are evil, rebellious, or Religious[ or all 3].

  3. Prov.28:4 Forsake the Law, praise the wicked.....Those who keep the Law, contend with them[violators, and the wicked].
    Prov.28:9 He that turn away his ear from hearing the Law, even his prayer shall be an abomination.