Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Sower!

  The man-Adam, was not the first man; He is considered an 8th. day "formation". Why, because the Words states it. This man was also a farmer: much of what GOD has to say in HIS Word concerning the line of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, is in agriculture-terms. Our LORD is Wise, Merciful, and Just!
  Matt.13:3-23 covers much. The parable of the Sower is also covered in Mark 4, and Luke 8. We know from the Word that our LORD is speaking to specific people; and around others. The Children of Cain are present in the audiences, and looking to murder - just as Cain did to his half-brother.
The LORD admonishes us "Not to give what is Holy, to the Dogs, nor cast your pearls[valuables] before Swine."
  The SOWER in this parable is The LORD. Seed [the next-generation] was sown and landed on four different top-soils: The wayside seed was "immediately" devoured by The- Fowl-One. This is their Doctrine; to control, or destroy - even today! "As a roaring lion[Hypocrite], seeking whom He may devour."
  An explanation of the first soil: "a lack of Understanding by the hearer of the word of the Kingdom." What one hears is not important enough to safe-guard; Satan down-plays, then beats them out of it. The-Thief has three objectives: to steal, kill, and destroy, which is very simple. We must know who the Dogs, Fowl and Swine are. Valuables before Swine is not, and never will be satisfying to the Generation[Tares] that can Never be satisfied.
  The Sower is our LORD: He gives us seed, but requires work on our part. 2Cornt. 9:10 "minister" = to supply, furnish, present, assist. We must do our best at Understanding what is Holy, and Righteous; and do our best to safeguard it.


  1. Agriculture was what Cain was to be about, but via rebellion had this taken away. His seed can Not farm: Immanuel spoke over and around them - for good reason.
    Sowers should not waste seed. Reminder: "Seed, Time, and Harvest, as long as the earth remains."

  2. Immanuel-Christ-Jesus is The-Only-True-Vine. He is our A-cord that gives Life; no matter where we are planted. Only children[little-ones] look or desire to be everywhere, except where the Parents - say, "stay."
    Seed is to reproduce: after it's "kind."

  3. The "Wicked-Generation" are an assembly of like-minded-people; that are the "Children-of the Wicked-One = Tares. The Enemy that sowed them, is the Devil[Matt.13:36-40].
    This is their season. Know the Truth and live - free!