Monday, July 13, 2015

Anything goes?

  The Progressive agenda - is Satan's agenda, which covers Education, Economics, Politics, and Religion. It can clearly be seen via Wisdom that the policies always lead to bondage, or death. A system that allows ninety-five[95] percent of the people, to perceive that they can do, be, or say anything, is in trouble from the word "go."
  Just returned from the State of Florida: where there are many informative billboards and signs concerning abortion. Hopefully someone other than me are reading and receiving the message. One states that there are 3,000 abortions in America - every day: which is sad. We are Commanded not, to kill the innocent nor the Righteous, which should out-rank the Progressives-rules-of law.
  Anything goes = out of control! Those pushing this "Vile-agenda" are Anti-Christ; and knowingly so. Many "blind-followers" are deceived and walk in ignorance of the Word: one can Not be in the Word, and the world[chaos] at the same time. Non the less, there are repercussions and consequences. Fake-currency = bondage. Social Security = Ponzi scheme. Health-care for all = big lie.
  Can Anything go? Not at all; living for Immanuel-Christ-Jesus means following His few, easy, Rules - and truly enjoying peace, and freedom! The Anything goes is from the "Tree of Knowledge, of Good and evil."
  Anything goes is a set-up for destruction. Not following the Rules set in place by our LORD leads to death[spiritually] which is a separation from our Creator and sustainer of Life: just as in the Garden of Eden. GOD has spoken previously that the wicked would not be justified, and we should not attempt to cover their wickedness. What is popular = is wrong: the wide gate always lead to destruction; always.

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  1. The Progressive agenda is the Wide-gate, that leads to destruction.