Tuesday, July 28, 2015

" Civil Socierty "

  Written in stone on the I R S building in Washington, D.C is this statement: "Taxes are what we pay for a Civil Society." No matter how innocent or soft these words - Civil and Society, should never be connected together. 2015 is a serious time; for serious people!
  There is no problem with reasonable, or one tax: excessive, or double-taxes = trouble. Remember 1 Sam.8:5-19? One consequence of "Rejecting our LORD" is a double-tax. There is no neutral position here on earth, in this Age. Rejection of our LORD is acceptance of "Flesh, Principalities, Powers, Rulers of Darkness of this world[chaos], and spiritual wickedness in high places."
  Politics, Political, and P.C. = civility, civil, of the state. Via ignorance, people do not realize that they are submissive, and praise and worshipping the House-of-Bondage. The Truth shall make us free. Deception = bondage! For clarity - All politics is of the State. This Civil Society is aka a Democracy, is anything but One Nation. Our LORD will Not justify the wicked.
  Why double-taxes? The people are financing their own bondage. Those leaders that spread iniquity "Riot in the day" = live in softness, or luxury; and are very bold about it. Civil Society is Socialism = a Sewer-Rat wearing fingernail polish. We are always, "to look at the Fruit." 18,000000000000$ in debt and counting; which means Socialism - is far too expensive.
  Civil Societies operate outside the Blessing of our LORD. They operate inside the blessing of Satan, who has authority over them. Wicked leaders and Miss-educators have people believing that they don't have a choice or say in the matter: people are born with choice and say, inside of them from our Creator. "Come out from among them."


  1. Civil Societies never, ever last. They are built upon sinking, shifting sands: it's not if the storms of life, will come, it is WHEN they come!

  2. The Prophet Samuel to the people: " Your wickedness is great, which you have done in the sight of the LORD, in asking you a king."
    No matter the king; keep GOD's-Commandments; even in 2015.

  3. One must at minimum be able to discern the times.
    Acknowledge, apply Wisdom, and Meekness.
    Keep telling the Truth.