Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gay Marriage!

  Our LORD created marriage with several specific purposes in mind. The creator/inventor knows the purpose of a "noun" [person, place, or thing], and requirements for it to operate well - over time. Guidelines must be in place. The same applies with marriage: Rules for benefits - otherwise, consequences.
  Our LORD created male and female for multiplication, and the production of good-fruit. Generational-blessings is the objective, and seed must be involved = family. The family order is Man as the Husband - the head, accountable one, protector and seed for the future; the one with the power-of-authority.
  The other half is Woman[womb/Female = ability to carry a fetus] as the Wife - anointed and gifted in many areas concerning the Family. Designed to receive - seed or vision; the one with the power-of-influence.
  The big Parable is the Wheat and the Tares in the Gospels; one has to know this one to go forward in Understanding. The question in the Parable as well as now "Who has done this" with the answer being Satan! Satan also hates family and has his Children = Tares/Kenites working through Education, Economics, Politics, and Religion to destroy.
  Gay Marriage is unacceptable in the Word, and to the LORD's Election. Those on the fence are uninformed and or those in jeopardy of losing tax exemption status from the #1 organization that redistributes wealth; and is foreign owned! I hear a Voice saying "come out of Babylon." The labor-pains of trouble, gets worse.


  1. Some things in life are tight, by design. People are required to make a choice in life: Whom will you follow? Moses words to the congregation, before being "reassigned" [Deut.30:15] "Your choices - Life[Christ] or Death[Satan]. This goes back to the Garden: The m. o. of Satan can Not change.

  2. Democracy is deception from Satan. People rule is a straight up lie. Two % of the population have freedoms to steer the ship directly into destruction; which means that 98% of the people are in bondage. Democracy will be the name of the One-world-Beast-system of Satan.

  3. Rom.12:2 is for True-Followers, only.
    Double minded people are rejected; stop kidding and
    "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is here" - right now.