Thursday, July 16, 2015

"Lets Roll "

  Today, it appears that everything is Breaking News: from cell phones to across the bottom of the television sets, our lives are constantly interrupted with sad form of journalism. The facts are that Breaking, is Not so Breaking, after all: it is Prophecy!
"Breaking" to me, would be a factual report on how some Followers are actually stepping on the Enemy!
  This would probably be "Breaking" to Religious ones who would be shocked to see the application of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth - right here, right now. Luke10:19, and Matt.16:19, Matt.18:18 Power = AUTHORITY to tread over the Enemy[Satan], Serpents[Kenites/Tares], and Scorpions[noun causing extreme fear].
  To tread = a verb, trample, crush w/feet. This is an offensive/offensive move: it is designed to be both forward and insulting! Those that possess "the keys[information] of the Kingdom of Heaven: whatsoever thou shalt bind[present sense] on earth, shall be bound in Heaven." Bind = to connect, fasten, tie, tied up or restrained; I.E. to put on shoes or sandals.
  Matt.16:20 "The charged HE HIS disciples that they should tell no man that HE was Jesus-the-Christ: why; because that is the Roll that He came in: there is a time for talking, and a time for walking[action]. Our Roll time is now: but make sure it lines up, and not in the LORD's way.
  By the Authority given me by my LORD and Savior Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, I bind up the spirit of merchandise-murder via abortion mills across the globe. Enough is enough! Those financially benefiting, lose all of their economics, right now. I bind the industry, and speak the Holy-Spirit into the lives of the women victims, and the babies: Amen, Amen, Amen.


  1. Romans 12:2 is in play, period. We are either in the world[chaos] or in the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth. For those inside the Kingdom, we might as well kick some Devil's butt: we're Authorized!

  2. We will give an account for the "gifts" or "talents" that we have received, that are buried: our LORD requires multiplication. Smile, and encourage; at the same time step on Demons and Tares.