Wednesday, July 1, 2015

One, of Four!

  The Parable of the Sower from Matt.13:3 appeared difficult to understand by the 12, that were Apostles in training: and the church-folk in 2015 continue to struggle with understanding.
The Sower is Immanuel-Christ-Jesus; from the beginning. Here HE is again Planting seeds of the Kingdom, of Heaven, on earth[Matt.13:19]. The good soil = "receives/hears the Word, and understand It, and bears fruit - 30, 60, and 100 fold." This is multiplied!
  Four places that the seed fell; keep in mind these are followers - church folks. Even today leaders are not teaching "the Good News of the Kingdom" as required: because they don't understand it themselves. Understanding is not through Religion, or Deception.
This Understanding comes from Revelation from the Spirit of GOD[YHVH] and no where else. Not Santa, the Bunny, nor Government.
  We are required by Immanuel-Christ-Jesus to preach/teach the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, today.  The-King, and His dominion. The Kingdom is inside of us - at the intersection of our eye and ears. The only other place is inside Satan's camp, with his children the Tares.
  Not sure of where we stand? Check out the production line! We were instructed to be "fruitful and multiply." What multiples are we producing? One of Four is the LORD's math: One of Four is 1/4 that understands [good ground] and bares good fruit. Stop looking around, and become the "One in Four."


  1. One begins with #1 - John 3:16, and Rom.10:9 For GOD so loved the world[cosmos], that he gave HIS only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in HIM should not perish, but have everlasting[eternal] life. #2 the process - Confess with thou mouth the LORD-Christ-Jesus, and believe in thy heart[mind] that GOD has raised HIM from the dead, thou shalt, be saved.

  2. Walk only in Truth. Submit to the authority of the Spirit of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. The Kingdom of Heaven is inside of us[mind soul, spirit] in the core of our brains; invite the Holy-Spirit in, and walk into the Kingdom of GOD - right now.