Friday, July 24, 2015

The flesh!

  We are designed with five senses, that are connected to our brains, that allows us to function in time. We are sensitive to touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing for many reasons; and all should work together in harmony for survival and productivity in our flesh-homes.
  We should be very careful, when Ministers of the Tree of Knowledge requires control of our 5-senses via deception. "We are in the world[chaos], but not of it." Why: because Followers should be inside the Kingdom of Heaven, right now. These Ministers teach that a Confederate-Flag is offensive; but murdering 3,000 babies per day is not offensive or wrong.
  "I pray not for the world[chaos]." These are the Words of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus in the most wonderful prayer ever documented: This is the LORD's prayer.
El-Satan has authority over the kingdoms of the world-of-the ungodly[Matt.4:8], and we as Followers are to Not get involved with them, "Leave them alone."
  People need People: but, the Kingdom of Heaven, and Eternal-Life is more important. Friendship with the world is forbidden[Jas.4:4]. The world does much to appeal to our flesh - going backwards to the Garden. It is imperative for students of the Truth, know for sure what exactly took place among the Figs, with Adam, Eve, and Satan! Our Freedom takes on a new meaning, when we know exactly, what we are Free of[Rom.8:2]: because of the violation of GOD's law, that allowed Death[Satan] to wedge Itself in-between us and the LORD.
  A babies flesh controls; the baby and those nearby. Mature Followers must require the flesh to submit to the LORD's-Holy-Spirit. We should not be so sensitive; especially over the waste of the world.


  1. Matt.24:10 - "many offended." Because the White-horse of Rev. told them to be. This Rider has miss-taught, and people are now convinced that the Govt. is the Answer: = Anti-Christ.
    We are to be the ones of Luke:7:23; which makes us the enemy by the System.

  2. What we know as a Rebel, or Confederate - Flag, was actually a symbol of the Followers of Christ: it is the Cross-of-Christ, leaning forward as being carried up the hill, to the place of the skull.
    Satan and the Tares know the above fact; and must rid the world of all[a l l] symbols of Christ. Replace it with the United Nations or another International flag[Rev.13:3].

  3. The flesh = trouble; especially for those that do Not understand the purpose of flesh!

  4. Current events - Mark4:17 - the affliction or persecution comes because of the Word; but then these get easily offended, because of the Word. Their "gladness" quickly turns south!