Sunday, July 19, 2015

"The Narrow-Gate."

  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus spoke[Matt.7:13-20] of the "Narrow-Gate, and the way, which leads to Life: and few will find it." This Narrow-Gate is the Cross-of-Christ that is a Bridge that reunites GOD and man. This is a vertical Bridge: it is clearly stated and understood, that this "Narrow" - is Straight!
   "And few there be that find it." Why LORD? Because of "false prophets." We are to know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns? No! Wisdom is yelling, this is the wrong spot. Or figs of thistle? No, again this is the wrong location! The above standard can be applied to an Assembly, or a Nation.
  Lets apply this to Nations that consider themselves to be Christian, or "One Nation under God." The words of those in sheep-clothing, are actually Ravening-Wolves. These thorns[people] and thistles will hurt, and are best, left alone. This same standard must be applied to the Middle-East as well.
  The fruit? The fruit of Centralized Government = Private-currency, Private-military, to fight Private-wars; lots of death, especially to babies and those deemed unworthy: DEBT, Bondage and Deception. Always look at the fruit: because the false-prophets informs sheep whom to hate, and whom to love; and when. Via deception they actually take the place of the Creator = making the producer of this fruit, an Anti-Christ.
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus told the Tares[Hypocrites], you will you not enter in, but you are blocking the people from entering. These Fake-ones, and their Followers are being dealt with along the way; and the end, a hot fire awaits them.


  1. Thorns and Thistles go backwards to Adam and Eve, after their fall. Thorns are a sign of the curse[Gen.3:18] - it is designed to prick, remind, and bring immediate" remember" to a situation. These Thorns and Thistles can Not be ignored: and are located in places that they should not be. Stay away from these Leaders and situations.

  2. False prophets are in it for profit; they misguide the people away from the Kingdom of Heaven, and toward the Wide-Gate. They teach that the __leader has the answer - follow them to the plantation land, Vs. the Promise Land. There is also much death around them.

  3. The Narrow or Straight Gate is Immanuel-Christ-Jesus = the only way to Life on earth and Eternally.
    Centralized-govt. can Not save anyone, beginning with itself: it and the Middle East are full of Thorns and Thistles letting one know immediately = wrong location!