Saturday, August 29, 2015

" Easy Yoke"

  " My yoke is Easy" is the Words of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus[I.C.J.], that are real, True, and a key.
Matt.11:28-30 is an invite from the Creator of Heaven, and earth. Some via Revelation, and some through frustration, will accept this Devine invitation.
  The first step of Salvation is John 3:16, and Rom. 10:9: We must BELIEVE that Jesus-Christ is Immanuel[GOD with us]; He died on the Cross to satisfy the Death-penalty from the Garden; and He is the King-of-the-Kingdom on earth - right now. There is but one way to Eternal-Life; or to the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, right now = Christ-Jesus!
  The Kenites/Tares had a 70 year head start in Jerusalem while the Tribe of Judah and Benjamin serve time in Babylon. The Tares set up Religion[Bondage] and I.C.J. constantly exposed them as Hypocrites[fakes].
" Come unto ME, all ye that labor and are heavy laden[Religious folks], and I will give thee rest."
Following I.C.J. is easy: We become One, sharing the yoke.
  The yoke of 2015 was pronounced in Deut.28:48, but the Hypocrite leaders can't, or dare not explain the situation as Judgment: many of these Leaders place the yoke on their followers. They speak more on the "Rulers of the darkness, of this world[chaos]" , than of Repentance, Grace, Love, Prosperity, and Peace.
  The world is just the opposite of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. I.C.J. requires faith/belief in HIM; then we are to live as Redeemed. The Righteous-Judge will separate the Sheep, from the Goats. Look around; whose taking care of the " least of these?" Centralized govt. nor Religion count[Traditions of men]. Tired of urinating into the wind, or swimming upstream: wrong load.


  1. The tools of Satan; who has authority over the world[chaos] = Education, Economics, Politics, and Religion.
    Politics/P.C = civility, of the state. Religion = to return to Bondage.
    Yoke? Deception is the key!

  2. Our LORD knows the plan that HE has for us - it is all-good!
    We have our LORD's Spirit with us right now: The Kingdom of Heaven is located at the intersection of our ears and eyes. Repent and invite the LORD's Spirit on-board; HE would love to lead, and direct your life.

  3. Following Christ-Jesus, is Not a Religion - it is LIFE.
    " Do men gather grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles?" Religion is bad: grapes and figs are good. Now look around the world - beginning with the Middle-East!