Thursday, August 6, 2015

"Jesus wept"

  This short Scripture came to mind after a failed attempt by Representatives to de-fund Planned-Parenthood. How much longer can a wicked organization, funded by tax-dollars and with an I.R.S. non profit status operate? At what point does the citizen realize the Hypocrites involved, requires us to discontinue the statement of "One Nation, under God."
  Jesus wept is found in John 11:35, with the entire chapter pointing out exactly why - Jesus wept. We as followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus must apply Wisdom, and Meekness.
John shows that Lazarus, Mary, and Martha were sisters and brothers. Lazarus[Hebrew = Eleazar] and family are of the Tribe, of - Levi - the real Priesthood.
  It took four days for Christ to arrive at Martha and Mary's home, because caution and Wisdom had to be applied; "The Jews [Kenites/Tares] sought to stone HIM." Thomas advised the other Disciples "Let us all go, that we may die with HIM." Thomas realized that to return to this hood in Jerusalem = death! "Hits" had been ordered on Immanuel-Christ-Jesus life!
"Thy brother shall rise again." Lazarus, and the Priesthood: for the Glory of GOD[YHVH]. The Scripture states that some of the Enemy were inside the house comforting the sisters. Later Mary hastily went to meet the LORD and again, some of the Enemy followed her. When our LORD saw Mary weeping and some of the Tares weeping also, HE groaned in the Spirit, and was troubled.
                                                                     Jesus Wept!
When the Tares begin complaining, our LORD again groaning in HIMSELF! After commanding that "Lazarus, come fourth" he that was dead, came fourth alive. Many Jews that witness this, believed on Christ: but some [Tares] went straight to the Pharisees and told on The LORD.
  When the Hypocrites saw Lazarus alive, they issued a "hit" on His life as well.
Jesus wept because He was teaching His followers how to operate in a wicked-world; Wisdom and Meekness, must be applied then, and now!


  1. Certain situations are allowed for The Glory of our LORD.
    When reading of the failure to de-fund Planned Parenthood, my eyes begin to leak; this is a sad Day for the victims of abortion, America, and the wickedness behind the spirit of murder: Judgment is here. For that, I too, weep!

  2. 4 Days to get to Lazarus: it was al about the timing, controlling one's emotions, and operating in the Day-light.
    The Fruit of Fake-leaders must be judged; they also have exposed themselves as "bad" because of their fruit. There is nothing that can be done with bad-fruit, but to throw it out!

  3. Since 1860 Hypocrite-leaders have been exposed in America. Stop wishing and hoping, and clean up this mess: "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is Here."
    Life, Liberty, Peace, Prosperity, and Joy, comes from our LORD, only - period.