Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Nothing New ..."

  T.S. has written an article recently, asking the question: "has America become barbaric? " The answer is obvious when one looks at the facts; numbers do not lie - people do! The Enemy, and His Progressive-children, are conducting a successful - Deception job, on the world[chaos].
  Barbaric = merciless, murderous, vile, savagely cruel[usually in the name of war]; primitive, unsophisticated: vicious, wicked - from the Internet.
An Empire has to be all of the above, to advance it's kingdom! But what about the people? Matt.6:22-24 speaking on Kingdom-business: "the light[Spiritual] of the body is the eye: if thine eye be single[clear and focused], thy whole body shall be full of light" - this is speaking individually, and to the Assembly.
  But if thine eye[individually, and leadership] be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in the be darkness, how great is that darkness!" This is where individuals, families, and communities slowly begin to walk sideways. By the time many awaken from their slumber, the Empire is in the process of collapse.
  Matt.24:12 "And because iniquity[lawlessness] shall abound[multiplied], the love of many shall wax-cold." This is possibly addressing church-folks, because it is a sign-of-the-times. One must be doubly careful of what is said to the Religious ones; and they are the main ones involved in pushing the one-world-agenda. The previous Obama-idol-worshipers are now the Trump-haters, will gladly destroy anything in their path.
  King Solomon stated that "and there is no new thing under the sun." We've been in these spots before: Daniel mentions seven [7] main kingdoms[great image] with the last One lasting forever! Empires come and go: but not the Kingdom of Heaven - which is available, today!


  1. "Man's love for one another would wax-cold." Wax-cold = cool by blowing on; to be made or grow cool/cold; met. of waning love. Church-folks this is a part of the Apostasy, started by falling, church leaders.

  2. Social-Justice-Religion is a movement that Tares are in charge of: it has convinced the silly, that they can destroy hate; with hate! This is Not what Immanuel-Christ-Jesus taught. It is not what Dr. M.L.K. taught. It is not what M. G.. Social Justice/Equality, only comes from our LORD: not man. We are witnessing "signs".

  3. Noah did not have cycles to look at; He only had a tremendous amount of Faith in the LORD. We know of cycles and timing. We must prepare for life, after collapse. We must acknowledge that we were planted here by the LORD with purpose: until we get another assignment - this is home!