Monday, August 24, 2015


  " Reset" is a word people will be hearing, and witnessing a lot of , starting yesterday. Those that are familiar with the Word, have absolutely, nothing to fear or worry about; for we know the m. o. of our LORD. There is a " whole lots of shaking going on."
  Reset = set again, or differently. Students of the Word have actually read of this process many times. The man Adam, and Eve[8th. day Formation] had the Reset-button pushed on them because of an intimate relationship with Satan; that was completely forbidden.
The same can be said for Noah, and the wicked fallen angel that had embedded themselves around Righteous-people: and produced Nephilims - aka giants!
  The House-of-Israel got themselves into much trouble because of their complaining, and hard-headiness, along the path to the Promise Land: it caused a Reset, that caused them to walk in circles until over 99% of them died off; never making it to the Promise Land. There are many other similar facts, to support our LORD's hand, and HIS use of the Reset-button.
  Dan.2 shows seven-kingdoms[Reset] with the last, lasting Forever. We have been advised to build on the Solid-Rock which is Immanuel-Christ-Jesus; which is the only Foundation that will last: all else is a sand-house!
The Progressive-kingdom is founded, operated, and supported by Satan; which goes back to the Garden. It appears all-powerful; but is a kingdom, built on sand.
  " Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness[in order], is " Endowed by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights." The 666 which is the " Mark of the beast = deception: which deceives the people into believing that these Rights come from the Progressive-king.
                  Because of the current situation - the Reset-button has been pushed!


  1. Fake currency is about to Reset; and take the propped up stock market with it.
    19,000000000000$ T. of Socialist debt is about to Reset!
    Followers of the Word, not world, should know what's happening, and why.

  2. Pray for the world of chaos; don't think so. As a follower of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, I pray, as HE prayed: " I pray Not for the world[chaos], but for them which THOU has given ME; for they are THINE."
    So the nouns of this world, are on their own!