Monday, August 3, 2015


  The-White-Horse of Rev.6:2 is loaded -  with deception. Beginning with the color, which causes it to stand out; is an impostor/imitation. This wicked-crook is responsible for Education of the people, in reference to what to think. It requires the attention, plant seeds and allow people to discuss or debate It's topics.
  All media is one. All politics is one. All religions are one. Following Immanuel-Christ-Jesus is real.
Immanuel-Christ-Jesus[I.M.J.] came to destroy the works[from the Garden] of Satan/Death; that is why He went to Jerusalem = the Headquarters of the Fake-Ones.
The-White-Horse belongs to Satan's army: it is in your face Deception, and by the numbers.
  I.C.J. exposed, and refuse to submit to Satan, or His Tares. The "Key of David" is available for those desiring the Truth. There are Two Trees. There are Two baskets of Figs[Jer.24:1-10]. These Figs are from the Fig-grove, where Adam, Eve, and Satan got themselves into serious trouble. Everything about The-White-horse is fake; it is designed to control and impart fear.
  Not listening and obeying the voice of our LORD, allows this Judgment to grow. Deut.28:28 "The LORD shall smite the with madness, blindness, and astonishment of heart" which we are witnessing today!
The-White-Horse informs the world-of-chaos what is important on any given Day: and example is video tapes of aborted babies body parts being haggled and sold, Vs. a lion in Africa that was killed by a bow and arrow. The-White-Horse-media totally ignored the article on the murdered babies being sold.
  This wicked employee of El-Satan is in charge of Miss-Educating the people = Deception! It informs the people on what to think, and when to think. Effective? People are shaking in their boots and not know what to do besides call 911. The Answer = "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is here." Establish ones-self in Righteousness .....

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  1. "Fear Oppression nor Terror shall not come near you" from our LORD. Man can not make this promise.