Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Faith Vs. Confidence.

  The Word teaches, that "without Faith, it is impossible to please GOD." The world was form by Faith, and Mankind[6th Day] was Created by Faith. Apostle Paul states the definition of Faith = Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
  It is not Faith, to hope for what one already has; or can see. Faith is made or built on, something. The Noun, is Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, period. Our LORD is impressed with our Faith, and rewards us accordingly. The Word mentions far too many examples too cite!
When Our LORD says "Do, or Don't Do" - obedience Via our Faith makes this a Command/Law. Following GOD's law brings good Blessings our way - generational.
  Confidence is usually connected to pride. The front of the word confidence, is CON. This is the " Rulers of Darkness of this world" [chaos] territory. If it is not decent and orderly, it is obvious who it belongs to. Our LORD is not the Author of confusion, but will employ it to benefit His followers.
  Confidence is full of Deception: which is Satan's big gun. He and His Children [Kenites/Tares] have an insatiable appetite to control - or destroy. In the major countries around the world they have infected Education, Economies, and Politics: Rev.13:3 is underway. This "Beast"  is a one-world-Political-system.
  The Progressive-Tares believe in Complain and Blame game. Today it is China turn. China and Russia were present at Brit ton Woods, N.H. in 1944 and agreed to the Fiat-funny-currency for the world. The Confidence-game is slowly unraveling with China dumping the 1-T+$ debt. There is no way to reduce a Ponzi: only collapse.


  1. Rev.13:3 is underway: which is a major Con-job. When people are deceived into " rejecting our LORD" they find themselves waist-deep in deception, and trusting man, which is controlled by Rulers of the Darkness of this world = 666.

  2. Rev.13:16-18 = unable to buy, or sell, without the mark [Federal Reserve] : happening right now!

  3. Faith in our LORD, is so simple, and it operates in the Daylight.