Monday, September 14, 2015


  Obedience is a word that is found throughout the Word of our LORD. It comes from the root "Obey" which is a dirty-four-letter-word today, in the world-of-confusion! The other interesting revelation of the word Obey, is in Hebrew it means to Hear and Obey, which is very important to Followers: and a meaningless to Religion.
  A very popular Tele-preacher employed Luke 5:1-7 and made very good points: however He left off the point of Obedience. This is not an isolated incidence. Following Immanuel is an act of Faith, and Obedience[Heb.11]. Faith is unpleasing, until it is mixed with a verb.
  Luke 5 we have Immanuel in voice, and in the physical; in living color. Peter and family were professional fishermen. They had been up all night, were tired and partially deaf and blind to the crowds gathered to this One MAN speaking. Enough of Peter's ears could hear the LORD's Command "Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught." This was not a request, but a Command!
  With all of the bright lights and noise involved in daily life, we must be sensitive to the Voice of our LORD, and Obey. Where does Obey rank on the priority rung? 1Sam15:22 To Obey, is better than sacrifice." Take heed to Leaders, who have their priority[s] twisted: for they have allowed Religion to replace Communion/Relationship with our LORD.
  Let us rewind Trainee-Peter's, walk on water[Matt.14:28,29]. The Faith was Peter asking "Bid me come unto Thee on the water." The Creator of the Universe response - "Come." Moving, was an act of Obedience to the Command.


  1. Rom.1:5 Obedience to the Faith.
    We are to copy [follow] those Leaders that are copying Immanuel-Christ-Jesus: not worship them - only Immanuel-Christ-Jesus.

  2. Our LORD met Peter right where he was - a professional Fisherman, that HE employed to go after men. Apostle Peter was highly motivated, with sensitive hearing: GOD work through him to accomplish much. This is a Key for success!

  3. Our LORD knows, and will meet YOU, right where you are. Be a hearer and a doer!