Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Rulers of the Darkness"

  This title comes from Ephes.6 and is spiritual, and connected to Satan, demons, and their followers. We must stop looking at people, and begin to look at their "fruit" and discern Righteously. We are living in the greatest time to be alive on the face of the earth - during the fulfillment, of Prophecy!
  The cycle of the four-little-kings continuously repeat themselves: Education, Economics, Politics, and Religion. They intensify as "labor-pains" as change is about to take place. The One-world-Political-system is upon us. It is Perilous times for the world-of-chaos. This is the "Fig-tree-Generation: look around at the leadership!
  Ephesians 6:12 informs/reminds Followers just Whom we are at war with. The Rulers of Darkness must work through a System of individuals that Is.32 calls; "Vial" aka = Progressivism. The tenants include the four-little-kings that requires full blown deception in the form of Central-Planners that "kill, steal, and destroy." Everything is Anti-Christ, and Anti-People.
  Idolatry is and always will be forbidden. It is covered First in the Ten Commandments; as well as being the Great-Commandment "You shall love the LORD your GOD with all of your heart, mind and soul[Matt.22:37]. As the "Generation of Vipers" push one-world-ism via their Global agenda, it edges between Political and Religion.
  Rom.1:21-32 covers the above Dark-Hearted group. It also covers those that believe in worshipping the Creation, vs. the CREATOR. Idolatry from Progressivism accomplishes two objectives: it goes against our LORD,1; and 2 it prevents, or redirects our "heart, mind, and soul."
                                                 "How deep is the Darkness?" Deep!


  1. "No law respecting an establishment of Religion" =
    Religion is Anti-Christ, and Anti-people.
    Our Founders were fighting to come out from under the Bondage of State-Religion. Global-warming is State-sponsored-Religion!

  2. "Naughty-evil-Figs" of Jer.24 are good for nothing: and now they are in charge of the world. Prophecy is true, real, and alive. What a great time.

  3. Beginning in the Garden, Satan demonstrated It's skills as a Scripture Lawyer: This repeated itself during the Temptation of Immanuel. The Tares have gathered around and inside of Central-govt. which is loaded with lawyers = a Sign of the "Generation."
    "Take heed, let no man deceive you."