Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Four Horses!

  The Four Horsemen of Rev. 6 are a mystery only to those that have elected to bury their heads in the sand. How can anyone be so desensitize that they can Not be moved by current events. A lack of peace or being afraid is in fact a sign; but that is not being moved. This is a very serious time - that requires serious connection to our Creator, period.
  The Colors and Ryders are symbols: to ignore is a symbol of ignorance. The world-system is in trouble, just as our LORD said in Matt.24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. Situational awareness is acknowledging where one is: start from where you are! One must also conclude that "man" can't Save us. Sand-houses are collapsing all around the globe.
  "Nothing new under the sun", sorta, kind-of: The Four Horses have come before[real ones Zech. 6] - but as "Labor-Pains", they increase in intensity, and the time in-between, shortens. For those that are not afraid, look at Isaiah 3:1-12 and compare and contrast with 2015. When people "Reject our LORD" there will be serious consequences.
  All Four Horsemen of Rev.6 comes fourth from Satan. Our LORD allows it. The "test" is multiplied[666]. The Four are present on the earth - right now! Regular old horse-sense requires one to look around. The cycles of the four-little-kings, or kingdoms repeat themselves: Education, Economics, Political, Religion = "Principalities."
  The "Seals" open by Christ-Jesus is for us to "come and see" the flood of lies, lack of peace/violence on the earth, the economic fraud/messed up economies, and death. The stage for this was set with the Judgment of our LORD: what does that look like? Isaiah 3:1-12. Cause?
                      The Cure - Repentance; for the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, is here!                      


  1. Judgment: Good, or bad, is under-way. Our LORD's Justice is Righteous!
    The "mark" of the beast = Deception, is carried out via the Four-horsemen, and the Progressive agenda that are employed by Satan.

  2. "Wait on the LORD" for our GOD is in charge. This is the time to stay close, and employ Meekness, and Wisdom.