Saturday, September 19, 2015


  In the world of confusion, P = progress; a broad philosophy based on the idea of progress: advancements in science, technology, economic development and social organizations are vital to improve human conditions[Wikipedia]. The world of confusion, knows purpose, and it's father.
  It is a Reform-movement that is Anti-Christ, and Anti-U.S.C.. "How deep is the darkness?" Well, this Reform-Movement has, and is Satan's, and  goes back to the Garden, in Eden. It slithers along ever so slowly, that most can  not feel the Deceptive-change. This change has taken place around the Globe, but classic examples in America are: Lincoln = Socialized the U.S.. Wilson = UN-federal Reserves, and the I.R.S.. F.D.R., L.B.J., and B.H.O., = Socialist Programs of man-made-rights.
  Satan the scripture-lawyer[Religion] was bold enough to call the LORD a lie, add to the Commandment, and entice with Eye-Opening-Information that was intended to place a wedge between our LORD and mankind: there-by mobilizing the Progressive-agenda. The-Progressive-One moves via Serpent-Seed[Kenites/Tares], and His four kingdoms; in order: Education, Economics, Politics, and Religion.
  The key to all that the Progressive-One does is - "Deception." When Satan, His Children, or followers speak, they are twisted: they usually mean just the opposite of what is being said, and lead directly into bondage. Remember Jn.10:10 "kill, steal, and destroy." What mile-marker are we at today? Rev.13:3 - One-World-Political-System!
  Beginning with The-Man-Adam, the 8th. Day-Formation, we have a Commandment/Law "Thou shalt Not eat [become intimate with Satan] of the Tree of Knowledge, of Good and evil", that continues today. This is where Satan has built His sand-houses: Principalities, Powers, Rulers of the Darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places.


  1. The Progressive Agenda is Vile[Is.32:5-8]. Socialism/Centralized Govt./Communism is of Satan. This is an Anti-Christ [Instead-of-Christ] System. Rev. 13:3 is upon us: which is the Beast = One-world-political-system.

  2. Ephes.6:12 explains Whom we are at war with.
    Matt.13 - explains the Wheat and the Tares. The Tares are Kenites = Children of Cain, who is a Child of Satan[Jn.8].

  3. The world's definition of Progressive says all that a Follower of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus needs to know - for Understanding!
    They have Progressed passed the Bible, U.S.C., and Truth. The Rule of Law is what so ever pleases the wicked on any given Day.