Monday, October 19, 2015

In Plain View !!!

  2nd.Pet.2:13 "Riot in the day time." This riot is being out of control = living delicately: and out of the closet with it. These Unbelievers smile at "Thou shalt not Covet." They pretend that their rules, are all that matter - or are "foolishly believing that there is no GOD."
  Progressivism has always belonged to Satan, going back to the Garden: The American War between the States was to control the entire Nation in Socialism: then go on to fight wars around the world, claiming to be fighting against Communism - in reality, spreading debt and Socialism; in route to One-World-ism.
  The Ten Commandments are very clear on "No other gods before ME." Idols, Idolatry, and Worship are serious offensives in our LORD's eye. The secretive deception involved to bring The Federal-Reserve-System and the Internal-Revenue-Service into being in 1913, is now overt. Many today would not look at these to organizations as being Educational, Economics, Political, and Religious: but they are!
  A part of planning, is the end-game. The end-game for Progressivism is Rev.13: One-World-ism for Politics and Religion. For those awake, the signs and evidence is all around. "The Just must live by Faith." The Prophecy is alive! Rom.1:1-32 is in play, again: especially 1:25,26. This group is referred to as Vile[Rom1, Is.32, Jer.24].
  Blind Leaders of the blind - don't follow their System: the System of Babylon! 2 Pet.2:13 "They count it pleasure to riot in the day time." They have become embolden. And they shall receive their reward of unrighteousness says Apostle Peter.


  1. The Fig-tree-Generation is upon us. It means that it is their time: the time of the Vile-figs is now. The voice of our LORD continues to require us to "come out from among them."

  2. "Woe be unto them that are with child and do give suck." This is spiritually impregnated by the Vile-System, and working with it, and supporting the System = being the water-boy.

  3. A large amount of what is intentionally leaked out, is a diversion from the Wizard of the Powers of Darkness: the One out front - is powerless. Remember Satan's objective: "kill, Steal, and destroy." And the 7 things that our LORD hates - Prov.6:16-19.