Wednesday, October 14, 2015

< than Bad!

  Most people that know what their five senses are, can discern, that something negative is going on around the Cosmos. Something, is not quite right; which points to a lack of Right-living, and Judgment on the land. It appears that the spirit-of-negative is out weighing the good.
  The above observation is somewhat correct: we must take away the question marks, and replace them with "signs." We must discern - the signs, and connect them with the times. All goes around in large circles. There is no thing new, under the sun.
  The Word of our LORD has always been the greatest source of information - period. There are Blessing and curses on the earth. People usually complain because they themselves have fallen short; or missed the mark - for years. If conditions are < than Bad, we should get around to asking WHY?
  We can compare and contrast Is.3:1-12, and Is.4:1, and the current situation around the Globe. It addresses food challenges; the shortage of Godly-men; and their replacement = which is < than Bad. Because of the Godly-men shortage, independent-women are willing to share a piece of an adult male. People attempt to draft leaders into positions because of the lack: that is why blaming and complaining about messed up, Blind leaders is a waste of time.
  A big sign - Is.3:12: "Children are their oppressors, and women rule over them." This is chaos, and opposed to the Order of our Creator. When the Prince of Darkness desires to take down a Nation, It starts with the Family: beginning with the Godly-men. The immature - are ruled by women!
                                    Look around, this circumstance, is < than Bad!


  1. The punishment of Eve: "Thy desire shall be to thy husband" Power-of-Authority was taken from the woman, and given Power-of-Influence. When Godly men are scarce, women fill the void: but are easy pickings for the king of Darkness.

  2. The Apostle Paul teachings on head covering for women has absolutely nothing to do with a hat: this is a Spiritual-covering, and for good reasons[1Cor.11].

  3. No qualified leaders?
    This is a big SIGN that society is broken down.
    We should Repent for "rejecting our LORD, and choosing our own leaders."