Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tower of Babel - 2015

  The original Tower of Babel was actually a wicked System that was founded by a rebel [Nimrod] that had many on one page [language and mind], that also rebelled against the LORD; and saw the System, as Savior. Nimrod is recorded as being a "mighty hunter before the LORD."
  Nimrod hunted people: he was after their souls. He may have started as a gifted Educator[1], or a special Economist[2], that was eventually drafted into Politics[3]: but "hunting souls crosses over into Worship/Religion! Sounds familiar; because it is! "There is no-thing new under the sun" - Satan's m. o. is consistent, because it works, for a while.
  In 2015 the kings of the earth are all of "one language, and of one speech," which is Socialism. The Socialist-System right now is classed as the One-World-Political-System - the Beast [Rev.13:3]. Because Idolatry is involved - all four of the little kings are present; including Religion[4]!
  A warning and a Sign is "not being able to buy or sell without the mark of the Beast" which applies to the world-of-the-deceived - only. This Babel currency is worthless, yet used all over the globe: more so outside of the U.S. than inside.
  Gen.10:10 "And the beginning of [Nimrod's] his kingdom was Babel " = confusion. Which is the opposite of Peace, Orderly, and Decent.
Our Creator gave mankind dominion over things and animals; not people. The kings of the earth via Deception, over the past 155 yrs. have a kingdom-of-Babel in place. The Good News: Our LORD is in control. "One mind, and one language" has built a Sand-kingdom.


  1. The Tower of Babel-System was very large, yet very fragile; just like the System that is place, right now. I can hear the voice of our LORD saying "Come out from Babylon" , "Come out from among her."

  2. "One mine, and one language" - then and now.
    Centralize-govt. is covered up with Progressives, that are modern Day Nimrods:
    they are "rebellious against our LORD" and seek Salvation via "another Christ."

  3. Yes the U.S.A.-incorporated is a major player in the Babel-System, with the private debt-notes leading the way. The notes represent One-world-ism, and Religion: people worship, and countries war over the worthless pieces of paper; made from trees that we are to have "dominion over." The rejection of our LORD is very, expensive!