Saturday, October 24, 2015

Where to Build?

  With all of the foul and rouge activities going on around the globe, it is easy to lose focus, and give up hope. The Just are required to live by Faith in our LORD and Savior-Christ-Jesus. We must remind ourselves of our purpose, and stay focused.
  Where does one Build in today's climate? The same way and place as the previous 2015 yrs.. We Build on the ROCK. Because some leaders have gotten this twisted, lets explain: Matt.7:24 Immanuel-Christ-Jesus[I.C.J.] ask two questions. The Apostle Peter, with the guidance of the Spirit of GOD the Father, answered - "Thou art the Christ."
  Christ = Messiah, Anointed Savior. The hand-pick group should have known the Answer that they were following but didn't: Religion[Anti-Christ] had taken over and the Truth was not being taught. Never, ever build on a lie. The Holy Spirit revealed the Truth to Peter - which is the Righteous foundation for Building.
  Prov.29:18 Without a vision. This vision = Devine communication. From Gen.15:1 through Rev.9:17 we have Leaders being shown clear pictures of the future. Why not now? Because we are in it; look around! I.C.J. Visited the Temple 1-2 times per week: But He was busy seven[7] days per week meeting the needs of the people - exactly where they were: come out of the safe-haven.
  Numbers getting thin? Repent and obey the Words of I.C.J. as Commands: as Law. The "Wide Gate[popular] leads to destruction." Do not participate in the Tower of Babel-System, that attempts to find Salvation, minus I.C.J. Matt.10:39 "He that finds his life will lose it."   Research the Scriptures[John5:39].
"The Words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit, and they are Life" = that's Where to Build!!!


  1. Unless the LORD builds - the individual, family, home, or house - the laborers, labor, in vain. To build anything that is to last generationally, Christ-Jesus must be a part of the Plan, period.

  2. Rom.12:2 We are Not to conform to the world[chaos], but transformed, by the renewing of our minds, that we may prove what is THAT good, and acceptable, and perfect, Will of GOD.
    Let stop with our laziness, and following those without Vision.

  3. Our Creator is looking for laborers, that HE can provide with material. Sadly, so is Satan: Be-aware of the difference.