Monday, November 30, 2015

"Generation of Vipers"

  One of Satan's names is Serpent: it is also a role or a hat that It wears. The Child of Satan is Cain; and His descendants via sperm are Kenites, Tares, or Serpent-seed.
John-the Baptist called them out in Matt.3:7, and Luke 3:1-9 "O Generation of Vipers."
Immanuel-Christ-Jesus in Matt.12:34 called them "O Generation of Vipers."
Matt.23:33 "Ye Serpents, ye Generation of Vipers."
The above quotes are from a conversation between people. Generation = that which has been born or begotten: the offspring or progeny of men or animals[Strong's Con.]. This sperm, and Ethnicity. I.C.J. commanded us to "learn the parable of the Fig-tree" to understand how this all begin.
            This the time of Vipers, right now: which is a Sign for Watch-men and Watch-women.


  1. I.C.J. forcefully ejected the Serpents from the Temple: they were the money-changers that deceived and defrauded the people. The same Serpents have taken over currency, and fraud today.

  2. The servants were instructed to leave the Tares[Serpent's seed] alone.
    Blind Leaders are Serpent's seed: we are Not to follow them. Them? Christ id them - just for us! Cant determine the difference = look at the fruit that they bare. A wicked person can only bare wicked, Anti-Christ things.

  3. President Andrew Jackson called the Money-changers, a "Den of Vipers and Thieves" in 1833/1834.