Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Watch - and - Pray"

  The Commandment/Law of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus; "Watch, and Pray." Why? "That ye enter not into temptation." We are all to be watchmen[no gender] on the wall of life: beginning with the-man-Adam. We are living the Prophecy, previously spoken by our LORD's prophets. Our watch is specific, and our prayers, should be as well.
  Pray for the USSA: don't think so. America, and the USSA are two entirely different things. Is this hard? Our LORD in Jn.17:9 "I pray not for the world". We must know purpose; and not pray "amiss." The Election knows, but can Not get caught up in temptation via Deception.
  We must stay focused on the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and do the "Greater works" that we are ordained for. Watching is observing the wiles of the Principalities, and Powers of Darkness, and Wickedness in High places. We already know what the Blind-followers are up too, and where they are headed: their father, is not our Father.
  Be-aware of the wicked-system that encourages via Deception, people to move around Immanuel. Our LORD knows who HIS sheep are. Rom.8:1-10 should be meditated on until the Seals open up. The Progressive-wicked-system doesn't get to tell us who the Chosen are: which is offensive. It is obvious during these times, just who has "forfeited their peace."
              "The Words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit, and they are Life[Jn.6:63]."


  1. Watch. We know what to watch and why. There are a total of 7 Vials, 7 Seals, and 7 Trumps. The world of chaos thinks of only one Trump: not knowing that this is the Fake-Christ call to muster.

  2. Prayer is constant Communication to our Creator. The LORD's Spirit is GOD living among us, and in us. The Spirit knows our thoughts, and we must listen, and stay focused. Chaos is a divergent - if we allow it. Don't allow it.

  3. Temptation. "Our Spirit is willing."
    Stay in the Spirit: allow the flesh to die[get in it's place].