Monday, November 2, 2015

" Why stand Gazing "

  Under Progressives, people are intentionally made to feel overwhelmed. The chaos is real. The promises of a level playing field for all, is Fantasy-Island. For the average person around the globe, things are becoming physically and financially tighter.
  My sermonette is: Stay Focused! We have oh so much to be Grateful to our LORD for. We must remind ourselves that we are here, in this time, with purpose. We can not allow ourselves or those near and dear to us, to look back. That also includes complaining. We are on assignment and must keep moving.
  In the First Chapter of the Book of Acts; Immanuel-Christ-Jesus finish speaking, and was taken up; and a cloud received HIM out of their sight. And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel; "why stand ye gazing up into heaven?" What had Immanuel-Christ-Jesus spoken unto them?
  Act1:7,8 "Certain specifics you don't need to know. Ye shall receive power after the Holy Spirit is come upon you. And ye shall be Witnesses unto ME in Israel and unto the uttermost parts of the earth." We are to be Witnesses.
  Trips to Israel? Immanuel went to Israel to destroy Death, and to expose Religion[bondage]. The Holy Spirit moves with a purpose - and so should we. We are to take the Gospel - as Witnesses, to the "uttermost parts of the earth" which can not be done "Gazing."


  1. No man can legally advise, or permit violation of the LORD's Commands; which are Law. That man, has elevated themselves in-place-of-Christ = Anti-Christ. There are many on the earth, beginning 2,015 yrs. ago. They deny Immanuel-Christ-Jesus: yet have convinced the Blind, that they are Chosen!

  2. Those Play-Actors [hypocrites] do Not have Power, or the LORD's Holy Spirit[Acts1:8], are practicing Sorcery. They make up things to worship: including themselves.
    Question: What are we steadfastly looking towards heaven for?

  3. Star gazing, no matter if it is the Star of Saturn, or people, is prohibited under the First 5 of the Ten Commandments: Fake-ones should try Following the Truth for a nice change.