Monday, December 7, 2015

Hebrews 11.

  The Book/Letter to the Hebrews is powerful, and serious meat for mature followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus; only. Other faiths, and religions are acknowledged: but this Letter is written to the Blood-line of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and His Twelve sons. Abraham, the father of many nations/races; but Sarah, the mother of this one. This Letter to the Hebrews - is for Believers!
  Hebrews 11 covers the definition of Faith, the roll, and partial roll of Faith: including names of Key-players, aka the Key of David. This Chapter could help many that are honestly searching for the Truth. Blind-leaders attempt to guide the simple-followers, around the Cross-of-Christ; which is impossible.
  "But without Faith [relating to Christ] it is impossible to please HIM: for he that cometh to GOD must believe[strong conviction] that HE IS, and a rewarder[INHERITANCE] of them that diligently seek HIM."  2Tim.2:19 "This seal; the  LORD knows them that are HIS." They must have HIS-Spirit. The Unbelievers don't get to tell us who the LORD's chosen are.


  1. Followers are first-class-citizens: to get behind other things or other beliefs is Idolatry.
    Anyone teaching otherwise is a false prophet.
    The Cross of Christ is our bridge, period.

  2. Matt. 3:7 "Don't even think or say that we have Abraham to our father." Sarah gave birth to One-Nation only. The importance? Satan is over Politics[the beast/Rev.13]and Religion: His children are front and center - right now. M.O. = Deception!

  3. "Without Faith..." These are Blind-leaders, people in a stupor, and silly immature people that are in a chronic state of learning - double minded.