Thursday, December 3, 2015


  A good man/woman leaves an inheritance to their children's children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.
We must leave an inheritance to our grandchildren: our LORD expects nothing less than multiplication of fruit[produce]. Beware of those that are hell-bent on stopping the inheritance from moving; and remember that their wealth - will be transferred.
  Good = agreeable, with understanding; by the LORD's standard. Inheritance = portion, share; possession or property. Wealth = strength, might, ability, force, influence. Sinner = a verb, chronic, habitual wrong-doer of the LORD's Law. Up = to hide, treasure, store up. Just = Lawful, righteous - as justified and vindicated by the LORD; right, correct, Lawful.
  Understanding, is the highest, degree! May Immanuel's Spirit Bless the reader with Understanding.


  1. The above inheritance is One of two things: The First is Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. Our children, and grandchildren, must know who they are in I-C-J. Christ is our Inheritance. Two: our children and grandchildren should come into the world with a hard asset = precious metals, land, etc. and be taught the difference between an asset vs. debt.

  2. Lost souls are double-minded and wander around looking for themselves.
    Those that understand Prov.13:22 realize their worth and purpose: then pass it down the line.

  3. Never build a dam, where GOD intended a stream.