Friday, January 22, 2016


Our LORD's plan of Salvation is underway now for 2,016 years: and HE is totally in control.
Those that are in the "shadow of the Almighty, are at peace and their Souls are prospering.
There are many who claim to be Believers in the LORD-Christ-Jesus; but are shaky. Further examination shows that they are just like Lot's wife; we should know and practice the Truth.
Amiss is first employed in 2Chron.6:37 "We have sinned, we have done Amiss, and have dealt wickedly..."
AMISS = bend, twist, distort; commit iniquity: this is usually a result of walking slightly of the Straight path - eventually walking crooked. This is the Western world; especially America. There is often selfishness, and or deception involved in this crooked walk that slowly turns the masses from the Truth.
1Sam.8:5-19 shows the process of "choosing our own leaders" and, the consequences. The "rejection of our LORD" produces Dictators, people working for Serfdom-Agencies, and excessive taxes.
James 1:8 gives us evidence of the masses[iniquity involves large numbers of sinners] that have unanswered prayers: they are double-minded[wavering, uncertain, doubting, divided in interest].


  1. People-rule[Democracy]. A system that is a part of the Principalities that we are suppose to be at war with[Eph.6:12], not joining forces with, or attempting to change from the inside. To be involved is being Amiss.

  2. Every step that we take with our moral-compass must be straight: otherwise, every step leads slightly away, until we are walking crooked. The only prayer heard for a crooked-walker, is a prayer of Repentance.

  3. A prayer for good-leaders to go into Principalities, is putting New wine, in Old skins: Asking Amiss.