Saturday, January 2, 2016


  Y e p. Because Politics[civil, civility, of the state] is of Satan: it is a big tool in It's tool box. This apart of what Satan introduced to mankind in the Garden of Eden - but fast forward to Dan.7:3-7 because it is speaking of these times/seasons: a One-World-Political-System.
Zechariah 4:19-21 mentions " horn[s] "  that have scattered the House of Israel[Gen.49].
  These little "horns" are: Economics, Politics, and Religion; which are all - controlled by Satan, and his Children = Tares. The beast of Rev. 13:3 is a One-World-Political-System: it is Anti-Christ. Politics can Not be fixed; period. Believers should stop wasting their precious time fooling with Satan.
Ephes.6:12: We wrestle[physical contest] not against flesh[physical body] and blood but against Principalities[chief rule/ruler; beginning origin = Satan in the Garden], against Powers[power of choice, liberty as doing as one pleases; Satan and the Garden], against Rulers[lord of the world, prince of this age = the Devil and demons], of the Darkness[dark or spiritual blindness - dark minded], of this world[chaos], against Spiritual Wickedness in High Places[the heavens; beginning in the first-heaven-age with Lucifer/Satan.
  Politics is of Satan and his kids[Kenites/Tares], and has proven to be a big tool in It's tool box.
Our Enemy can Not be defeated - by joining forces with It.
                                               Am I Anti-Politics? Yes: it is Anti-Christ!

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