Monday, January 11, 2016


One can breakdown and digest much, by asking, and answering the basic questions of who, what, when, why, and how. The parable was given by Immanuel-Christ-Jesus; then in private explain to those that are required to understand the parable: including us.
Who = the Sower of the good seed is Christ-Jesus. The good seed are Children of the Kingdom. The Enemy is Satan.
What = the Tares, Kenites, children of Cain, Fakes, Hypocrites, blind/dark-minded, Satan's offspring.
Where = the field is the world[cosmos] but turned into chaos by Satan/Children.
When = while men [mankind] slept [stupor/delusion].
Why = Lucifer/Satan, and his offspring via sperm have always held the same doctrine: to control, or destroy.
Why = Our Father allows many to be free-agents; to choose whom they will love/follow. In the end, the fire awaits the LORD's haters.


  1. A Tare is a very good imposter, on the surface: we "know them by their fruit." Always look at the produce/production.

  2. "The Generation of Fig-tree" is a time, and a specific group: these are Tares. Start with Fake-leaders that sit in the Judgment seat of Moses, and the Law of Moses. Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, and Moses were of the Tribe of Levi.

  3. This blog is for mature audiences - only. The Word and Truth is anti-deception, and anti-racist.
    Know the "Key of David" for yourself: Luke3:23-38. The House: Gen.49:1-28.

  4. Only a fool, or Satan would call the LORD a lie and a racist.