Monday, January 18, 2016


  "For the wages[payment/rations] of sin[to wonder from the Law of the LORD; violate the LORD's Law] is death[separation from our Creator, turned over to Satan/Death] but the gift[unmerited favor, Devine Grace] of GOD[Elohim] is Eternal[everlasting] Life[absolute fullness, real, genuine] through our LORD[Immanuel-Christ-Jesus]."
What meanest thou? We reap what we sow. Justice/Judgment says, we will get what we have coming - good or bad; we earned it[unless we Repent]. To wonder from the Law of our LORD is sin. But, but the Law is ... No that is what Non-believers, and False-prophets teach: "which has deceived many." What Law was done away with then? The Law of Death, from the Garden: the debt was "satisfied on the Cross."
The Eternal Life begins on earth. We should "all come to the realization of Christ-Jesus." The Kingdom of Heaven is on earth, right now. We are the "many mansions" spoken of by Christ. Worshipping is Spirit and in Truth is evidenced by "visiting, feeding, clothing etc. the "least of these."
*Def. from the Companion Bible, and Strong's.

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