Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Deadly Wound"

  Rev.13:1-4 mentions "a beast" - which is the one-world-political-system: that appears to be complicated, but is not. The take away from this = "and upon his heads the name blasphemy."
The Dragon [Serpent, Satan, Lucifer] gave the system his power and his seat [throne]  and great authority.
  Then one of the heads appeared to be a deadly wound. This wound is a result of Truth: which is anti-deceptive. It requires supernatural power to convince people that this system - is the Savior/Answer. Then the whole world[chaos] wondered [marvel, admire, wonderful] after this system. The people unknowingly worshipped the Dragon, which gave power unto the system.
No one can make war, when all are One!
  The system owned and operated by the Thief [Jn10:10] has recently been uncovered. The murder, stealing, and destructiveness of the Kenites/Tares has been revealed and their world is undergoing a serious "shaking." The wealth of the wicked is being transferred back: claim your inheritance from two-three generations back.
  Ephes.6:12 explains just who we are at war with. The Enemies camp is open to recover the great substance that has been stolen, and people have died for. Claim it!

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  1. For followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus we should know exactly what time this is: timing is important.
    This transfer of wealth is from above; not from man.
    If one has not been prepared for war - fire your leader.