Monday, February 15, 2016


  Melchizedek - King of Salem[Peace]; King of Righteousness - or - Righteous King.
Mentioned first in Gen.14:18 and Recognized, and acknowledged by Abram who communed with Him. Scripture re-quoted in Heb.7:1
Psalms 110:4 "Thou art a Priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek." This Scripture is re-quoted in Heb.7:17, 21.
  Reading the above Scriptures, and more of the versus, one can conclude for certain, just Whom this Melchizedek is: This is none other than Immanuel-Christ-Jesus as LORD of LORDs. The only High-Priest. The importance? Everything taught in the Gospel is about following this Priest. That is why Christ went to Jerusalem: to expose the Hypocrites[religion], and satisfy the penalty of death from the Garden.
  Ex.2:1 "Sons of Aaron" = the Tribe/House of Levi chosen to be the LORD's priest - forever.
"My covenant of Life, and Peace is with Levi, says the LORD of host; Mal.2:4,5.
The Apostle Peter in 1Peter 2:9 explains just who the Chosen are.


  1. Now we can see that churches are powerless because they followed religion, vs. Spirit and Truth. One of the LORD's many Names is Jealous: don't try to deceive the LORD. Don't play with Idols.

  2. Religious folk, even in 2016 are continuing to tell the LORD who His chosen are: sorry, it doesn't work that way. There are no Hyphenated-Christians: Whatever is in front of the Hyphen, becomes an Idol. This is a WAKE UP CALL!

  3. "Take heed, lest no man deceive you." Religion is the #1 tool in Satan's tool box. This is accomplished via deception.
    The "Key of David" unlocks truths that can not be changed. The lack of Life, and Peace is due to following Blind[dark-minded]leaders: stop it!