Monday, March 14, 2016


  The WORD was made flesh...: full of Grace, and Truth.
Grace is a higher Standard, than the Law. The Kingdom of Heaven, on earth is a result of Grace: which is founded in Following our LORD; step for step. Matt.5 is all about Immanuel-Christ-Jesus Doctrine. Hate is not apart of Christ Doctrine: it is of Religion. Hate belongs to Satan, Tares, and Blind-leaders.
  Under Grace, one can be guilty of pre-meditation of the sin. Hate = intense or passionate dislike for someone. Deep emotional extreme dislike. Def. from Wiki. This involves meditation/visualization.
The end-game for Hate is murder - spiritually or physically is the same. Murder = Unauthorized killing: to lie in wait[assassinate] with Hatred in the heart.
  "No man[mankind] can serve Two Masters" - This is either the Tree of Life, or The Tree of Good and Evil: there is no in between, or middle ground. Hot or cold!
There are a couple of time where we are permitted to hate. Prov.8:36 being one. "The fear/reverence of the LORD is to Hate evil."
  New-age-churches teach Religion and Hate. This puts them on the side of the world of chaos - that belongs to Satan. "He that says that he is in the LIGHT and Hates his brother, is in Darkness." "Love not the world."
  Rom.6:15 "We are no longer under the Law[of Death, Gen.2:17], but under Grace": 2016 yrs. of it. Death separates us from our LORD.
1Jn.3:15 "Whosoever Hates his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath Eternal Life abiding in him." This Life = absolute fullness of life, both essential and ethical, which belongs to the LORD. Life real and genuine; devoted to the LORD[Strong's Conc.].


  1. Chronic or habitual sin crosses into the spiritual realm, where Satan is waiting. It then can redirect the Hate as It sees fit: Now it is Religion.

  2. "Love our enemies." This is not involving self defense, or legal war. Loveour enemy is one that apposes us, or disagrees with us. The Devil is the most bitter Enemy of the Kingdom: no Love or prayers will save It.

  3. James 1:5 the progression: Lust, Sin, Death[separation from the LORD.

  4. Lucifer was to protect, the Mercy-Seat; but instead, desired it for Himself: resulting in a Death sentence. To gain the Mercy-Seat would have meant Murdering Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. Pre-Meditation is a serious sin.