Monday, March 7, 2016

Situational Awareness!

   The "new normal" may not be new, or normal. The Word clearly states that there is nothing new: we are just moving slowly, in circles. For Followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, we are to know "times and seasons" and should always know exactly what is going on - before it is going on.
  Many false-prophets, fake priest, and blind-leaders are present in the earth today: which is a Sign. Wars and rumors of wars. Earthquakes in diverse places. Love for one another, waxing cold. Sexual immorality and violence - as in the Day of Noah. The spiritually blind can see the above; where is it going?
  1Sam.8:5-19 is the cause and effect. The "rejection of our LORD" has serious consequences. The System becomes a Dictatorship: like the U.S. - since 1861; when sovereignty ended. The U.S. had to be subdued then move on to the 6 other continents. Pt.1 end-game: Rev.13:1 = a beast, one-world-political-system. Pt.2 end-game: Rev.13:4 = one world-religion that worships The Beast.
  Vs.8 says "All the world[chaos] will worship him, whose names are Not written in the Book of Life." The 5th. Vile has been poured out from our LORD into the River Euphrates. Results: The Locust Army is on the move, killing, being killed, and spreading fear multiplied. The Locus are Anti-one -world; they will attack Religion, and Politics.
  We must establish ourselves on the Truth[Seal]. Never stand on a lie/deception. Denounce and Rebuke all, that is not "sound doctrine." Never follow the Blind [dark-minded] leaders, no matter how good they look, speak, or how much money they have.
Situation Awareness: late 5th. Trump.


  1. Foreign Policy is being opposed by the Locust Army, around the globe.
    "A beast rise up out of the sea"[7 continents]= one world political system.

  2. Followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus should have all of their armor on, and take a Righteous stand, out of the Locust Army's way!
    The one world political system belongs to Satan, Tares/Kenites, and their followers.

  3. Foreign Policy. Foreign = of, from, in, or characteristic of a country, other than one's own. The U.N. is Not mine, or my policy. They are the curse of Deut.28. which represents deep do-do.