Monday, March 21, 2016

The Passover 2016.

  Our LORD is not the author of confusion, so lets lay the proper foundation. This Passover was instructed by our LORD - to - Moses: a Hebrew, of the Tribe of Levi[One of the 12]. Our LORD is "The High-Priest; after the order of Melchizedek" - forever!
  The first Passover with Moses was at the beginning of the year: The first Solar-Spring-Equinox, then 15 Days out; beginning at sundown on the 14th. Day. Obedience, and strict attention to details were required: their lives, and a Right-standing-relationship hung in the balance[Ex.12].
  "It is the LORD's Passover" Ex.12:11. Revelation via the Holy-Spirit shows that Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, and the LORD in Exodus are the SAME. The Passover Blood continues to the LORD's Supper where bread[Body] and wine[Blood] was eaten and drank as an Additional Covenant: "This do, in remembrance of ME."
  The Passover Feast [Ex.12:14] is to be kept "throughout your generations[Levi/Priest]; ye shall keep it a Feast by an Ordinance - forever."
What was nailed to the Cross of Christ = Blood Ordinances/Sacrifices. The term- Last Supper - is Progressive, in New-age-Bibles that practice Easter; which is Pagan. Started by our Enemy, the Thief. We are to practice the Passover Feast every year.
  "This do, in remembrance of ME" Luke22:19, 1Cor.11:24. This is a Commandment: a Law.
The question from the Thief for 2016 is: "should Christians be celebrating the Passover."
We should practice the LORD's Passover. "If you love ME, keep MY Commandments" [John14:15].


  1. Why wait for a crisis, then begin invoking nouns[person, places, things] for help. Cry out for the president, bunny, or santa; see if they hear your cry.

  2. The Feast; Holly Communion is about a sweet, perfect, Relationship, with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. As we Feast, remember the Ten Commandments "I AM the LORD, thy GOD." Don't allow nouns to get in between us and the LORD.

  3. Easter is Pagan. The word is in the KJV in the Book of Acts as a miss-print: it properly translated is Passover. Many New-age-Bibles in circulation, printed by Non-Believers. Be careful-my-friends.