Thursday, June 16, 2016

Authority to Act.

  The Word is very clear that everything should be done "decent and in order." The LORD is not the author of confusion, so it quickly becomes obvious that Satan, or one of It's helpers have crept in.
In 2016 it is unbelievable that people lack understanding - concerning the Law: and the Cross of Christ. This Law is singular; so is the sin for which made the Cross necessary.
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus[I.C.J] went to the Cross because of the sin of Adam and Eve, that allowed Death[Satan] authority in the world. The separation between GOD and man is also death. Christ: the Ultimate Lamb satisfied the penalty - once, for all time. "No longer under the Law." What Law?
Professionals employ the statement to pronounce either their ignorance, or being Out of Control.
  Study to shew thyself approved - unto GOD. I.C.J. continuously ask the Blind leaders "Have you not read." These follow the "Traditions of men" = Religion.
The Cross built a bridge, rejoining us to our Creator: Whose Image we are in. With authority to not interact, or become intimate with Satan, Cain/Kenites/Tares, or their Seed.
  A man understanding authority[Matt8:9] is quite dangerous to the world of chaos; which Satan has authority over[Matt4:8,9]. "Speak the Word - only." The Roman Centurion  Jesus marveled. This was the greatest faith that HE had witnessed in all of Israel.
  Peter's confession of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus was rewarded with Keys to the Kingdom[Matt6:19]. Whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth - or - loose on earth; is also done in Heaven. Keys are authorization/authority. Time to get busy Saints!


  1. The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil is Satan. Satan is also a Scripture lawyer; one that Adam and Eve should not have become intimate with. Satan's seed loves to debate; especially legal maters. These were mixed into the Pharisees, Scribes, and Lawyers during Jesus Day.

  2. By the authority given unto me by my LORD and Savior: I bind the abortion industry in my Community, County, State, and the U.S.. All funds are now stopped, and transferred to the Saints that are Sealed with the Truth. Amen.

  3. I transfer all of G.S. unrighteous gains and talents/gifts/charisma that he buried, to me. He needs to see the transfer and be of sound mind to know what happened. All of it.

  4. I bind up Central Planners around the world, as well as all of the water boys of 1-w-ism. They must return 100 fold over what they have murdered, stolen, and destroyed, back to the victims.