Friday, June 3, 2016

"Fiery Darts."

  Eph. 6:13-17 explains the Gospel Armor which is to be worn in that evil day. That Day is a Five[5] month period when Satan is on the earth incarnate; and deceives the masses into believing that It is the Christ, here to Save the world. Rev. 13:3,4 says that all the world[chaos] wondered after the beast. Rev.7 states that another Angel having the Seal[truth] of the Living GOD, Seal the Servants of our GOD -in- their foreheads.
  These Servants know who, and Whom they are.
During this time period, right now[5th. Trump] people should be proving their gear. Each piece of equipment is specific. Circumstances lure the wicked [blind leaders] out into the open. These blind leaders are Religious/Hypocrites that worship Satan. They have worked hard and long to usher in the 1-World-Political-System that is now in place: the stage is almost prepared for their father/king.
  Eph.6:16 Above all, taking the SHIELD[Christ-Jesus, Himself] of faith that we shall be able quench -all- the fiery darts of the wicked. Look no further than Satan's kingdoms: Education System, Economic System, Political System, and Religious System. These are where the fiery darts come from. The "bad figs" of Jer.24, which makes up the "Generation of the Fig-tree, is now on the inside of the camp. The bad-figs are in control - with permission!
  Fiery = to burn with fire: to set on fire. Dart = a missile, etc.. These wicked Hypocrites are expert imposters. Exposed they hurl darts: name calling - Fundamentalist Christian, Extremist, Xenophobic, racist, Anti-Semite[honestly don't know what this is], etc.. The purpose; to injure, and silence.
  The Generation of the Fig-tree is made up of the "bad-figs" of Jer.24: the Conversation between the LORD and the Prophet, took place after, the Tribe of Judah, had been taken into captivity in Babylon. Practice with the Armor Daily; and keep the SHIELD handy.


  1. Let us not make the mistake of thinking that the whole Armor is unnecessary: Apostle Paul is talking Satanic attacks, that should be taken seriously. This is Spiritual war that requires us to "Stand." Stand for the True Christ-Jesus until the 7th. Trump.

  2. Rev.2:9, 3:9 key words: "which say." These are posers. They are claiming to be someone, that they aren't. These are descendants of Cain, who was cursed and ran off East, to the land of Nod. Knowing the Parable of the Fig-tree is a Commandment.

  3. Rev. mentions a "flood." This is a flood of lies that are also apart of the Fiery Darts, to be aware of. The state-controlled- media repeat the stories continuously, that people accept it as fact.

  4. "To stand" is the objective; and it will be accomplished.
    In spite of the fact that Rev.13 says "all worship the beast." This "all" are the ones that are Unsealed - they don't know the Truth.