Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Another Christ "

  The Apostle Paul was fearful   (1Cor11:4) that some followers would give place to preachers that would come, preaching, "Another Christ." The fear, was justified.
In Matt. 24:3, Immanuel-Christ-Jesus warns HIS disciples, that many would come in HIS name, and deceive many.
  His name: Jesus = servant. Anointed after being baptized, now means = Anointed-Servant.
Christ = Messiah, Savior; Jehovah is Salvation. Aka = The Answer.
The "A beast" system of Rev.13 is made up of individuals. It is a One-world-Political-system that controls Education, Economics, and Politics.
  A part of Education is the spirit and deeds of the Nicolaitanes. Christ admonishes in Rev.2:6 for hating their deeds as well. This Scripture means that the Nicolaitanes/spirit/deeds, were known. History shows this Cult was a follower of Nicolas = "one who conquers the people." Mankind in Gen.1:26-28 was given authority over everything - except other people.
  The Locust Army[5th. Trump/Rev.9] is upon us. The mass murders are not afraid of death, and are themselves under an anointing by their father - Satan. Because the West has followed "Another Christ" that they can seek refuge in: Santa, Bunny, Politician, 911, Idols, Religion, the Government,..
  Jn.5:43 I AM come in MY Father's name, and ye receive ME not: if Another shall come in his[It's] own name, him[It] ye will receive.
"I AM the Good Shepherd, and know MY Sheep, and am known of MINE."


  1. Another Christ: one that is full of Answers, that are diametrically opposed to the Truth. Don't follow Non-believers.
    Copy-right-Bibles and 501c-3 are of the world of Chaos - which belongs to Satan.

  2. Rom.12:2 We are Not to conform to the world[chaos].
    Jn.10:4,5 "MY sheep know MY voice, will not follow "Another[Christ]."
    A beast = 1-world-government is a Pseudo-Christ: a spurious messiah.

  3. 2Cor.11:4 Come preaching - Proclaim, Publish: the Gospel by John the Baptist, Jesus, the Apostles and Christian Teachers; "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven, is at hand."
    The death on the Cross, satisfied the Law of Gen.2:16,17. PERIOD.