Saturday, September 10, 2016


  The Good News: Immanuel-Christ-Jesus [ICJ] is Who He says that He is. Death sentence satisfied, and arose from the grave; just as the Scripture says.
Now it is our turn. We have the easy part. The Believers in ICJ must be about HIS business, and taking a stand for the Kingdom. Oftentimes its a lonely walk: but we are not alone.
  In 1Ki19:18 we see that the LORD has reserved seven thousand[7,000] loyal-servants. This Scripture is repeated by the Apostle Paul in Rom.11:4. Relevant: and enough for each continent.
Dan.7:21/Rev.13 speaks of war with the Saints. The horn is the Anti-Christ, the 1-w-religious-leader, that "prevailed". "All the world[chaos] wondered after the beast."
  The Anti-Christ-System[a beast/Rev.13:1] is upon us. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice[Prov.29:2]. A false balance is an abomination to the LORD[Prov.11:1]. What type of currency is being used? The Word says Gold and Silver: so does many National Constitutions. Point? Deception is the key to what type of System is in play.
  We must stand. Ephes.6 explains just who we are at war with. The Armor is Spiritual-Gear that we practice with, daily. Ephes.6:11 "Stand" - a verb. Make a stand, establish, immovable, steadfast mind.
6:13"Withstand" - to set one's self against, resist, oppose. All definitions from Strong's.
  We are "Sealed" inside our brains, know and practice the Truth. Rom.12:2 we would never conform to the world[chaos]: the battle - once was inside of our minds - but we have been "transformed, and renewed."


  1. "Our weapons are Not carnal."
    Rom.1 list those with serious death issues. Rom.1:32 says those that have pleasure in them that do them are worthy of death. Pleasure = Consent. Rebuke, and Denounce the wicked/acts.

  2. "Consent of the Governed." This is a doctrine/philosophy urged by many as a requirement for legitimate Government.
    We must not follow illegal-orders or laws that are in conflict with the Word of the LORD. We will not be able to hide on Judgment Day!

  3. The wicked initiated the Revolution.
    Hebrews 9:22.

  4. There is "enmity" between Followers and Tares. They have "bruised the heel" of Immanuel. In the Spirit, we are to "bruise the Tare's head. Gen.3.
    Jer.51:20-23 Believers are the LORD's battle axe.