Tuesday, October 11, 2016


This word "Taken" has been taken out of context. For the overwhelming majority, it is not a good thing. Unless we are named: Enoch [Gen.5:24], Moses [Deut.34:5,6], or Elijah [2Ki.2:11], we need not be concerned about getting out of "trouble" by being "Taken" out of it.
Many Fakes have money spreading this worldly-doctrine.
Two of the above three, reappear. Moses, and Elijah meet with Immanuel-Christ-Jesus on a high mountain, that we call Transfigured [Mat.17:1, Mark9:28, Lk.9:28]. Moses representing the Law; and Elijah representing all of the Prophets. Transfigured = to change into another form; to transform. Both Moses and Elijah led their own funeral processions, and no bodies recovered.
The next time these Two return will be Rev.11, during the reign of The-Antichrist. They will be the counter-balance of the wicked. This takes place during the Six Trump: which will last only five[5] months.
History shows Moses was a Type of Christ[Savior]. He was a Hebrew of the Tribe of Levi.
Elijah was a powerful Prophet. A Hebrew of one of the Ten Northern Tribes of Israel.
Enoch was a powerful preacher in a very wicked environment. "He walked with GOD."


  1. But what about two in the bed, field, at the wheel, and one "Taken" and the other one left? Which one? The first one: this takes place during the six[6] Trump. They are seized/captured by the Fake-Christ.

  2. What about 1Thes.4:16,17? "For the LORD Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the Trump of GOD:.. Which Trump? 7th..
    Air = Spirit; Spirit body.

  3. 2Thes.2:2-12 explains a process in detail: for Truth-seekers only. Ephes.6 covers the "Whole Armor of GOD. To withstand in the evil day. No gear involved for deception, or flying. 6:13 "withstand" = push back! No, to being Taken.