Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Acknowledge: without fear.

  I acknowledge Russia, but have learn not to fear them. I grew up having to know wear the "fallout shelters" were. Then served during the "Cold war" and was taught the "Russian threat."
Russia is mention in the Bible: going back to Esau(Gen25:25) name changed to Edom(Gen25:30). The son of Isaac/Rebecca.
His Descendants are judged by the LORD(Obadiah 1:10-12).
They are Chief Prince of Me'shech, leader of (Ro'sh) Russia.
  Russia is currently under Judgment; and has a roll to play in end time Prophecy.
The "wars and rumors of war has been quite profitable, for the Monopoly Men. These greedy Tares require Russia as the wicked aggressor: which is full-blown deception.
The Russians are Descents of Abraham, Isaac,... The Monopoly Men(Tares), are Not.
  Let us stop being played, by the Enemy.🕔

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