Wednesday, December 14, 2016

"No man"

  This quot is from Jn1:18, and repeated again by the same Apostle in 1Jn4:12. No man/one has ever seen the face of GOD.
I was puzzled because Moses met with GOD, face to face, many times. Ex24:9,10 four "saw" the GOD of Israel.
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus  was ask, show us the Father, replied, "I and the Father, are ONE."
What did I miss? This earth-age (2nd.) our main purpose of being born in time: to choose which Father, we will serve. We know the Father via Vine of faith. "Without faith, it is impossible to please GOD,..."
  One hundred and twenty yrs is not long enough to see the face of GOD: it would take millions of yrs..
"GOD/Father is Spirit, and HIS worshipers must worship, in Spirit, and in TRUTH." It is for our protection, and beyond comprehension to see HIS Face: Eternal, Holy, Self existent, is not for flesh to see.
  GOD/Father is Spirit. "No man/one = flesh man can handle the history; just ask Job, who is the oldest Book of the Bible, which was written by Moses, given to him by the LORD?


  1. Remember the 1st Five of the 10 Commandments.Idolatry is forbidden. We are to only worship the True and LIVING GOD. Don't allow nouns to get in the wsy.🕔

  2. GOD the Father has "declared" the only Begotten.
    The only Begotten(Immanuel-Christ-Jesus) has "declared" the Father.
    Both have made way for Their Spirit = the Holy Spirit.
    We are the Temple.💡

  3. 1Jn:12 If we love one another, GOD dwells in us, and HIS Love is perfected - in us.🔑