Friday, December 23, 2016

The birth of Immanuel.

  The LORD's plan of Salvation was long before the Garden of Eden. Our LORD, is mention in every Book of the K. J.. Prophecy of the coming Saviour is also quite obvious as well. Name, and purpose: GOD with us, Anointed-servant. To destroy the works of the devil.
  Lk 1: Mary 1/2 Levite, 1/2 Judah was impregnated via the Holy-Spirit, approximately Dec. 25, and gave birth to Jesus approx. the end of September. Mary's first cousin, Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant with John the Baptist at this time. Elizabeth(Levite) was married to Zachariah(Levi-Priest). The "course of Abia" is the time.
  This perfect LAMB exposed the fake-priest, destroyed the Law of death (Gen.2:16,17), and is the HIGH-PRIEST, forever.
  During this earth-age, the only legal way to enter time, is via the bag of water of a woman. Christ birth documents this with plenty of witnesses: Heavenly Host, Stars in the sky, and people. This is very important!
  Jn. 1:11 " HE came unto HIS own(people), and HIS own received HI not." They (then and now) were looking for a King: they missed The-PRIEST🔑.

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  1. Joseph the Dad of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, was of the House of Judah:Jesus Blood-type was from HIS Father!💡