Thursday, January 12, 2017

"Fake News"

  Daily, we are blasted by the media with Fake News. This is a "Seal" aka a sign, for us to see and have situational awareness.
The mainstream media is a part of the Monopoly-system. All should sit up and take notice.
  The king of Fake News is Satan. In the Garden (Gen3), Satan ask a twisted question. Then lied concerning death. Then gave "breaking news" of the benefits of being disobediant.
Satan is a Scripture-lawyer!×6
  Dan.7:21"War with the Saints." Rev.12:15"As a flood." Rev13:7"Made war with the Saints, and prevailed against them."
In Matt24 are listed all of the Seals (7), Trumps(7), and Vials (7).
  Rev6:2 The Whitehorse: brilliant light, armed with deception, crowned - exalted rank, conquering - victorious. The Serpent - wise in wickedness; Nachash, shinning one. The Media are It's offspring. The "flood" - flood of lies.
  All of the Media is guilty: including Fox, Sports, and the Movie industry. Prevailing? Yes. It is difficult to have a conversation, without reciting the Media; like little bots.
Matt 24:9 is in play. The Saints know it.⏳


  1. Freedom of the press (1st Ammendment) is only for the Republic Form of Govt..
    Socialist need not apply!!!

  2. The classification of Fake News is Education. It educates and indoctrinate the people, to be good citizen of the globle-state. The state becomes Christ (Saviour/Answer). The end game - One-world-ism.��.