Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"Many are called,..."

  "Many are called", comes from Matt. Chap. 22. They are the Words of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus(I.C.J.) - The Creator of life, and The JUDGE. By parable, I.C.J. explain what the Kingdom of Heaven was like.
  This is the calling that -all- mankind is to respond too; no one of the age of accountability, gets a free pass. The Marriage is between the Groom (I.C.J.) and souls born during this second (2nd.) earth age(Gen1:3).
  Repentance is a necessary part of Salvation. One must also submit to LORD-ship, in "Spirit, and in Truth." Lk 10:27 " Love the LORD your God, with all your heart, soul, and strength(mind)." This is worship, fit for The High PRIEST.
  Chap. 22 shows the many tactics employed to Save Souls. There is an appointed-time, when Grace says that's it: and Immanuel, says "I never knew you."
  Those that should have been clothes in Righteousness, covered by the Blood of the LAMB - but covered in -rebellion- will be delta with severely. Sadly the Religious folks (Traditions of men) heard the message then, and now.
  Religious folks are confident that they are serving the correct father, and IT will save them. This deception, is the most severe trouble, that one can be in.
                 "Many are called, but few are chosen."⏰

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