Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Future is Female"

  The above title was quoted by H. R. C. This week. She is not talking to the average Female she is talking up the base of insurrectionist. When seeing this aired for the first tome, it came as a reminder, from long ago.
  These Radicals are worst than Atheists, or Communist. They are willingly working(Mat24:19) for the One-World-Religious-System. Atheist are Believers: in Satan. Only Two Trees in the Garden - only Two Choices.
  "Future is Female" is a Seal (sign) for Christians. 6 Seal. Mat24:37,38 As in the Days of Noe (Noah), marrying,...
Women + demons = giants, lawlessness, and extreme violence.
The Female radicals are operating under the power of "Knowledge"(Gen3:4,5), given by Satan.
  This power allows Females to go around men, husbands, and even our LORD. "You will be as gods." The wicked Knowledge opens eyes.
It is important that Women (1Cor11) keep their heads Covered. For a single, adult Woman, this Covering is Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. Underage, it's the father. Married, it is the husband.
  The fallen angels/demons are coming back - soon. The Radicals are worshipping their father via their conduct, and encouraging, It to come (Rev13:4).
Watchmen/Women: stay faithful.⏳


  1. Women "head covering in 1Cor.11, the deception will be intense for the world of chaos. Then those under the influence of Satan will be doing some impressive activities. Covered Women will have their own Power.

  2. "Eyes open; ye shall be as hods." Which leads to destruction.
    "Head covering" - submitted to Authority, to have Power, themselves. Immanuel-Christ-Jesus is the Head of the Line.

  3. "Dark sentences" of Dan.8 this is Satan. It understands the Dark stuff that the Radicals are invoking: just as we invoke the Name of Jesus, and HE intercede and interpret our prayers.
    Radicals are wicked.⏰